My Story

I grew up in Bellevue, Washington and started working with clay at Newport High School in 1987.  From the very first class I was hooked.  Working with clay was fun and the idea of creating something special from mud was amazing to me.

For anyone that knows pottery, what starts off as fun and amazing can quickly become challenging (and even frustrating at times).  Learning to throw new forms, creating new glaze recipes, and perfecting firing techniques all create unique challenges.  At times the countless hours of mistakes and missteps made me question if it was even worth it.  After all no one gets rich making pottery - it's a hobby or a lifestyle business at best (or so I've been told).

Notwithstanding the challenges, frustration, and lack of remuneration, I continued my pursuit of pottery off and on over the last 30 years.  At times I questioned myself...why do I create pots? what are all the hours spent in the pottery studio for?  Upon reflection it comes down to one thing:  I love the act making high-quality, handmade pottery that sparks a smile and creates connection.  

And so I continued the endeavor of making pots with goal of becoming the best potter I can possibly be while inspiring others to do the same and hopefully, just maybe, creating more smiles and connection in the process.

Spark smiles and connect...

Shawn Kelly

Lime Knot Pottery, LLC


Shawn Kelly Throwing a Pot at the Wheel