Q: Will my item look exactly as depicted in the photographs?
A:  For items that have ***One-of-a-Kind Item*** in the product description, the pictures presented are pictures of the actual product.  Note: for these items you will only be able to order a quantity of one. For all other items, the pictures are intended to provide a good idea of what the actual product will look like.  That said, please allow for variances as each item is handmade and will vary slightly from batch-to-batch, firing-to-firing.
Q:  How quickly will my product(s) arrive?
A:  Unless otherwise indicated in the product description, items will be shipped with 1 business day and generally arrive in 2-4 business days (assumes USPS Priority Mail option is selected).  Personalized items and made-to-order items are not on hand and usually arrive 2-3 weeks.  Please contact us  if you would like to expedited a custom order.  We will try to accommodate your request if possible; however, an expedited request fee may apply.  Please be sure to read the item description for more information regarding anticipated arrival times.
Q:  Where can I enter customized text and/or special requests (e.g., gift notes) regarding my order?
A:  Please enter custom text and requests in the shopping cart box labeled:  "Please enter customized text and/or any other ordering instructions here."
Q: Do you accept returns?
A:  For non-personalized items, if you are not happy with your product in any way, please return it.  We do ask that you contact us within 14 days of delivery and ship items back at your expense within 30 days.  Given the nature of personalized items, we cannot accept returns, but we will do whatever we reasonably can to ensure you are happy with your order.  Again, if you have a problem with your order, don't hesitate to contact us.
Q:  Can I cancel my order?
A:  Maybe.  Please contact us if you would like to cancel your order.
Q:  Are all pots food friendly (lead free) and microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe?
A:  Yes (unless otherwise indicated).

Q: What type of clay is used in the making of your pots?
A:  All vessels are constructed using a premium stoneware.

Q:  What temperature are your pots fired to?
A:  Cone 6 (2,232 degrees). 

Q:  What types of glazes are used?
A:  A diverse range of food safe (lead free) glazes are used in the construction of each pot ranging from shiny celadons to matte shinos.  Layering of glazes is also used from time-to-time to add texture and depth.